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In-Home Personal Training Tips

Personal Training at home | In-Home Personal Training
You don’t need to go to a gym in order to get in shape. You can have a great workout your own home.

Not only does working out at home save you the hassle of driving to the gym, getting stuck in traffic and searching for parking, but you’ll also save money on a gym membership and you won’t need to train in a crowded facility with a bunch of other people.

Some may think that you can’t get as good of a workout when training at home, but that isn’t true. Training at home is a convenient and effective choice. Here are a few tips for anyone who is looking to do some in-home training.

Debunking the protein myth

The fitness world is full of myths and assumptions about protein, something that can get confusing for both fitness veterans and newcomers. Many wonder if it necessary to supplement protein, when to supplement protein, how much is too much, and, if so, if it will...

Afternoon may be the best time to exercise

Exercise in the afternoon may be better than any other time, according to a new study reported by the New York Times. The study says that exercise may be most effective if it’s done midday, based on the fact that our bodies’ internal clocks, or circadian...