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Training Tips

Getting the Most from Weight Loss Programs


Many people want to lose weight and get into shape. In order to do so, a lot of people look to weight loss programs for help. In many cases, starting a weight loss program is a good idea. Weight loss programs can be done alone, in a group or with a trainer and there are a number of different weight loss programs available.

However, no matter what you choose, it’s important to make sure that you try to lose weight in a way that is both healthy and sustainable. There’s no point in losing a bunch of weight if you’re just going to quickly gain it back and you should certainly never put your health at risk in order to lose weight.

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of a weight loss program.

Part 2 of F.I.T.T.

Time Time is similar to frequency in it's ability to compliment a progressive routine and allow for flexibility in unusual circumstances. By starting with 30 minutes a day of activity and increasing to 60 minutes, you can gradually build strength and endurance without overdoing it. When life...

ICE not heat!

While one of the aspects of working out using an integrated training program is to reduce the risk of injury, it does not completely eliminate that risk. Let's face it. You're bound to come across a soft tissue injury like a sprain, strain, tear or...