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Weight Loss Programs for Heart Month

Just because Valentine's Day has come and gone, it doesn't mean that you won't need to think about hearts anymore. The entire month of February is "Heart Month." Heart Month is a month dedicated to the promotion of heart health and heart research. One of the...

Heart Month: Cardiovascular Fitness Training & Your Heart


February is heart month. This month has been designated by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada as a way to alert millions of Canadians to the risks of heart disease and stroke.

Did you know that 90% of Canadians have at least one risk factor for heart disease and stroke? And that heart disease and stroke take one life every 7 minutes in Canada? Knowing these statistics, it’s important to take steps to improve your heart health and to reduce your risk factors.

Your heart is a muscle and it gets stronger and healthier when you lead a healthy and active lifestyle. One excellent way to improve your heart health is to take part in cardiovascular fitness training.

Winter Weight Loss Programs

Many people think that gaining weight in the winter is inevitable - especially during the holiday season. But that doesn't have to be true. With a plan and some effort you can maintain a healthy body weight and even lose weight during the winter. Here...