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Are you looking for a trainer in Guelph? One of our agents will contact you soon to schedule an in-home free consultation. During our consultation, one of our professional personal trainers will come to your home and assess your fitness as well as your personal goals. They will begin planning a routine specially made for you, taking into account your time constraints, your scheduling, and your budget!

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Guelph Personal Trainer
Private In-Home Personal Training Program

Getting fit and feeling great is a state-of-being that most of us desire in life. The sad reality of this is that sometimes the desire and the act of doing do not fit together. Fitness on the Go is an innovative solution to this age-old dilemma. Guelph has just gotten better because residents of Guelph can now enjoy private, in-home personal training sessions. Never has there been such a unique service that works around your schedule. Our trustworthy, certified Guelph personal trainers are eager to help those who seek fitness or to maintain their current fitness level without having to leave the comfort of their home. Fitness on the Go knows that getting to a workout gym and work schedules more often than not just don’t jive. We also know that many people want to work out but don’t want the invasive-like atmosphere of a gym and this is why our personal trainers come to you. When you need assistance to lose weight or get fit, there are no other alternatives that are this simple. No matter what your goals may be, building muscle, losing weight, toning or just have a regular fitness activity built into your weekly routines Fitness on the Go can help.

If you live in Guelph our personal trainers are located only a short driving distance from your home. Our trainers are fully prepared and totally qualified to conduct training sessions on your time, with your goals and best of all, in your home. If you want to know more, we sincerely invite you to contact us today for a free in-home consultation; nothing ventured nothing gained so why not!

Fitness on the Go certified personal trainers listen carefully to what fitness and weight loss goals you want during your free in-home fitness consultation. They offer great advice and they address any concerns you may have and they will answer any questions you have in regards to any of our programs. In addition, expectations will be established for you in regards to how achievable your goals are as well as timelines. Our goal is for you to be very comfortable working with our certified Guelph personal trainers. Achieve the fitness and weight loss goals you have wanted for so long in your home and on your time; it really cannot get any easier than this. Why are waiting? You are now only one phone call away to accomplishing your fitness goals. The first step is simple – give us a call today toll free 1-888-808-2348.

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