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How to keep fitness resolutions: tips from around the web

What’s your new years resolution? If you’re like 75% of the population, your  resolution is probably to lose weight or get fit. We all know how easy it is to drop that resolution come February, so how do you actually keep it? Well, here’s a roundup of some of the best expert tips for actually getting fit in the new year, with no room for procrastination or excuses:

  • Instead of procrastinating your workout by playing games or checking e-mails on your smartphone or iPad, PC Mag recommends using technology to help rather than hinder your motivation. Start by using fitness apps to track your nutritional intake for just one week to see where you’re at, then start to track activity and other factors.
  • According to Men’s Fitness, 73% give up on their new years goals to lose weight, get fit or train within six weeks. Don’t be a statistic. Choose a realistic fitness regimin and pencil it in like you would work or an appointment. Make it part of your routine. This way you can always make time.
  • Make reverse resolutions. Rather than saying “I will go to the gym” or “I will stop eating dessert,” Shape Magazine recommends making these goals realistic by reversing them to “I will not go to the gym (and will exercise at home)” or “I will not deprive myself.”
  • Set goals rather than making resolutions. A trainer told the Edmonton Journal that making weight loss resolutions are not as effective as setting fitness goals. Weight comes and goes, but a fitness routine is forever.
  • Set realistic goals that fit your lifestyle. The Northwest Herald recommends making a fitness plan that fits your schedule and health level such as walking on your lunchbreak, finding a personal trainer or joining a fitness class. The Herald also recommends making it a point to eat out less often and to try out some healthier recipes.
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