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Summer Strength Training Tips

Summer Strength Training Tips

Now that the warm weather is here, it’s time to get out and enjoy the sunshine and warmth. It’s also the perfect time to work on strength training, since the days are longer, the sun is out and moods are elevated. You may be tempted to spend the sunny days sitting on the beach with a cold drink in your hand, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also take the time to review some strength training tips and get in better shape this summer.

Here are a few great summer strength training tips that will help you get stronger this season.

Our Summer Strength Training Tips

Add More Resistance to Core Exercises

When it comes to strength training, adding resistance is key. Add weights to your exercises or simply use your body weight and gravity as resistance. Remember, you don’t need to use fancy machines to get in shape.

Work Out Your Whole Body

Avoid working out only one or two body parts. Instead, focus on exercises that use your whole body. Not only will this give you better overall results, but you’ll also save time, since you’ll be working out several different muscle groups at once.

Try Something New

The same old routine day after day, week after week, month after month can certainly get old. Boredom is a big part of why man people quit exercising and strength training altogether. To avoid this, mix up your exercises and try something new every so often. This will keep you from getting sick of your routine. It will also let you work out different muscles in different ways, so you’ll see more improvement.

Stay Motivated

There are a lot of different things that you can do to stay motivated. One major way is to work out with a friend or someone else you enjoy spending time with. This is one of the major advantages of working out with a personal trainer. Having someone with you when you exercise is great motivation. This person can boost your mood when you feel like quitting and get you going when you’d rather stay on the couch.

These strength training tips will have you on your way to looking and feeling great. The summer time is the perfect time to get in shape, since you can even exercise outdoors, which is a lot of fun. Just be sure to stay hydrated!

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