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Tips for Getting in Shape this Spring from a Toronto Personal Trainer

Tips for Getting in Shape this Spring from a Toronto Personal Trainer

Toronto Personal Trainer Spring

The warm weather has finally arrived. That means it’s time to push away the winter blahs and get outside and get active. A Toronto personal trainer can help you get in shape this spring. However, whether you work out with a Toronto personal trainer or not, it’s still a good idea to spend the spring being active and getting in shape.

Here are some tips for being active and living a healthy lifestyle this spring.

Eat lots of Fruits and Vegetables

Spring is the perfect time to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Not only is it a good idea to give up the heavy comfort food that got you through the winter, but it’s also the time of year when a lot of delightful produce is in season. Adding more fruits and vegetables in your diet can help you get in shape. Doing so also benefits your health and your body in a number of ways. These foods have a lot of vitamins and nutrients that will help you look and feel great. Add a few more of your favourites to your diet and try out some different produce that you haven’t had a chance to eat yet!

Set a Schedule

Rather than coming up with a vague goal like “I will be more active,” set a schedule. Decide what activities you are going to do this spring, write them down and stick with them. This is a place where a friend, family member or Toronto personal trainer can really help. If you share your schedule with someone else, you’ll be a lot more likely to stick to it.

Find a Friend

Not only can a family member, friend or Toronto personal trainer help you stick to your schedule, they can also exercise with you! Not only does this give you extra motivation to be active, but it’s also a lot more fun!

Do Something you Like

If you absolutely hate running, you probably won’t be able to stick to an exercise plan that involves a lot of running. It’s much easier to do something that you enjoy. If you like biking, plan to bike more often. If you enjoy baseball or soccer, play baseball or soccer. When you like the activity you’re doing, it changes from “work” to “play” and you’ll be much more likely to stick to it.

Enjoy spring!

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