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Getting Motivated for Fall Workouts

Getting Motivated for Fall Workouts

Fall Workouts - Personal Trainer

Fall is a great time to work out. The “lazy” days of summer are over and, since the start of school, you’re probably more focused and ready to make positive changes in your life. Plus, the weather is a bit cooler, which is perfect for exercising outside.

However, there are days when you just don’t feel motivated to get up and get active. It happens to everyone. Here are a few tips that can help you get ready for your fall workouts.

Set a Goal

A lot of people decide that they want to work out in order to “get in better shape,” “lose weight” or “feel better about themselves.” These are fine goals, but it’s tough to stay motivated when you’re not working towards something specific. After all, if you want to “get in better shape” it’s easy to say “I feel pretty healthy, there’s no need to work out today… or the next day… or the next day.” It’s also easy to say “I’m still in bad shape, so I might as well quit.”

If you have a specific goal, it will motivate you to work towards it. Maybe you want to lose ten pounds, or run for a specific distance or lift a certain weight. No matter what your specific goal is, you’ll be more likely to keep going if you have one in mind. Think about it this way: If someone told you that you have to walk a mile to get a reward, you’d probably do it. Now, if someone told you that you’d have to walk some unknown distance, you’d likely think twice. Specific goals help motivation.

Workout with Someone

Exercising with another person is perfect motivation for a number of reasons.  One, it holds you accountable. You’re a lot less likely to skip a workout when you know that your friend or personal trainer will be there. You’ll have to answer to them if you’re late, explain why you’re stopping early and cancel if you’re not going to show up. This makes it much more likely that you’ll get up and start exercising.

Working out with someone can also help you keep going once you start. Having a friend or a personal trainer by your side will motivate you when you feel like you can’t do it anymore. They’ll encourage you when you need it.

Working out with another person is incredibly beneficial. This is a big reason why personal trainers are becoming more and more popular. People recognize the power of exercising with another person.

Good luck with your fall workouts!

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