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Keeping it Simple Fitness Tips

Keeping it Simple Fitness Tips

Health and fitness can be a complicated subject with the vast array of information available. We are constantly being bombarded with the newest discoveries in ground breaking research, publication of the latest fad diet and more tips and tricks than anyone can keep track of. How can the average person decipher the good from the bad? What are the clear cut  facts to total fitness?

Over the next couple weeks we will lay out the 5 keys for the K.I.S. (Keep It Simple) strategy focusing on  reaching your fitness goals. You can use this simple guide to help, making sure you have all of the components in place and ensuring your success. To start off, we are discussing Nutrition and Cardio Training!

1. Nutrition

This is by far the most important key to reaching you goal, be it reducing body fat, increasing muscle or improving sports perfo

rmance. Without this component in place, you will never achieve optimum results.

A. Portion Sizes

I. Consuming more and moving less leads to stored fat, or weight increase. Consume less and move more and you’ll achieve fat loss. The key is to know exactly how many calories your body needs to reach your specific goal.
B. Type

I. You won’t get to your goal by eating highly processed, unbalanced foods.
II. Keep it fresh and clean.
III. On average, most people need a macronutrient (carbs, protein, fat) balance of 60/20/20.

2. Cardio Training
This component will make you slim and trim while keeping your heart healthy and beating strong. It’s also important to find

balance and synergy. Too much can derail your progress, leaving you frustrated and unmotivated.

A. Frequency

I. 30 minutes of moderate daily activity is a must.

II. Most people are successful in cardio training with a more intense frequency of three to five times a week.

B. Intensity

I. Use Maximum Heart Rate formula to determine the appropriate intensity that best suits the goal.
II. Beginners: 50%-60% of MHR (Maximum Heart Rate)

III. Advanced: 65%-85% of MHR

C. Time

I. Beginners: 10-20 minutes
II. Intermediate: 15-45 minutes
III. Advanced: 30-60 minutes
D. Type
I. Walking is best for beginners

II. The best kind of cardio is the type you enjoy doing.
III. Keep it interesting with variety.

3 More Tips for the Keeping It Simple strategy to be complete!

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