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Summer Barbecue Tips for Weight Loss Programs

Summer Barbecue Tips for Weight Loss Programs


Now that the summer is in full swing, we hope you’re taking advantage of the warm weather to enjoy yourself outside. Time spent outside in the warm summer weather is our reward for surviving a grey and cold winter, so enjoy it while you can!

One very common summer activity (especially with Canada Day coming up) is the outdoor barbecue. Cooking and eating your food outside is a great summer activity and an excellent way to spend some quality time outdoors with friends and family.

However, many people worry about how a barbecue will affect their weight loss programs. That’s understandable. Overindulging at a few too many summer cook outs can certainly lead to weight gain. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to skip out on the barbecue fun entirely this summer. Here are a few tips for having a healthy summer barbecue that actually helps your summer weight loss programs instead of hurting them.

Healthy Summer Eating Tips

You don’t need to avoid barbecues this summer in order to stick to your weight loss programs. You don’t need to cut out all of your favourites either. With a few modifications and by following a few tips, you’ll be able to enjoy the barbecued goodness all summer.

Here is some advice:

  • Avoid creamy dips and sugary sauces. These have a lot more calories than you think and can quickly turn a healthy meal into an unhealthy one. Whenever possible, use spices and homemade marinades to reduce calories and sugar.
  • Don’t forget the produce. Your barbecue doesn’t have to just be about meat. Add a side salad to your meal to get some vegetables into your diet. Better yet, grill up some vegetables on the barbecue! And don’t forget about fruit! A fruit salad can be the perfect healthy dessert. You can even grill some fruits such as pineapple, peaches and even cantaloupe!
  • Choose leaner meats and try fish. Fish is great for your health and lower in calories than beef. Plus, it tastes great on the barbecue!
  • Watch your drinks. Many people don’t think about all of the calories in soda pop, juices, mixed drinks and many alcoholic beverages. Keep this in mind and drink water whenever possible. Not only does it have zero calories, but it’s great for your health.
  • Add some exercise. When you’re done eating, why not play some soccer, football or Frisbee? This can be a great way to get some exercise and it’s definitely better for your health than sitting around and snacking.


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