Four Great Exercise Motivation Tips

Exercise motivation

Everyone has a time when they don’t feel like working out. Maybe you had a long day and you’d rather just rest on the couch, maybe it’s a special occasion so you don’t think you have to, maybe you just don’t feel like it today. Sometimes taking breaks can be a good idea, but if you want to get back into the groove and┬ámotivate yourself to exercise, here are some tips.

Reward Yourself

Yes, exercise is rewarding on its own, but sometimes you need to give yourself something tangible to motivate yourself. Be careful not to make your reward for exercising something bad for you (such as a bag of chips or a chocolate sundae). Instead choose something like getting to watch a few episodes of a TV show, taking a long relaxing bath, or letting yourself sleep in a bit the next day. This will keep you going and you’ll also get to do something else you enjoy afterwards, without any guilt!

Write Down How You Feel After Exercising

Most people feel great after they exercise, but then they forget about this feeling later on. The next time you work out, write down how great you feel afterwards. Write about how much more energy you have, how positive your outlook is, how rewarding the workout was, etc. Then, when you don’t feel like exercising, read what you wrote. This could help motivate you.

Exercise with Someone Else

Work out with a friend or personal trainer. This will hold you accountable to your routine and you’ll have more fun if you’re exercising with someone else. You can even take part in a team sport instead of a traditional gym workout. This will likely be more enjoyable than chugging along on your own, so you’ll be more likely to do it.

Do Something Fun

Some people have trouble motivating themselves to exercise because they don’t enjoy their workouts. There’s no need to do a workout that you absolutely hate. For example, if you don’t like running on the treadmill, don’t do it. Go for a run outside instead, or ride a bike, or go swimming. When you do something that you enjoy, you’ll be much more likely to be motivated to do it.

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