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I don’t need to warm-up before I workout….Do I?

I don’t need to warm-up before I workout….Do I?

To properly prepare your body for your workouts takes more than walking to the gym from your car. It’s amazing how one of the most important  parts of a fitness program can be “forgotten” or simply, LEFT OUT!  Do most people not have the time or do they not know the importance of it? Either way lets change that!

A warm-up is generally described as a person preparing the body for physical activity and should include both general and specific movements with the inclusion of cardio and dynamic flexibility. Usually lasting 5-10 min in length pending on prescribed program by your trainer, the goal is to prepare your joints, muscles and mind to safely allow you to perform at you best.

For optimum results, don’t neglect your warm up but rather embrace it. It can help you ensure superb performance in your routine and ultimately, help you achieve your fitness goals safely and effectively.

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