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Healthy Holiday Traditions for You and Your Family

Healthy Holiday Traditions for You and Your Family

Healthy Holiday Traditions

The holiday season is upon us. At this time of year, many of us spend time sitting, eating, and stressing out. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some suggestions for new holiday traditions you can start with your family that are good for your health.

Play in the Snow

Playing in the snow doesn’t have to be an activity just reserved for kids. Getting out and getting active in the winter weather can be great for the whole family. Dress in weather-appropriate clothing (layers are good) and head outside for some winter fun. Go for a hike, build a snowman, or bring a sled out to a nearby hill. There are all sorts of great ways to have a fun (and active) time out in the snow, so this is a great winter tradition to take on.


Almost all of us spend too much time looking at laptops, tablets, phones, and TV screens, especially during the holidays when we may have more time off. It’s a good idea to set aside some “unplugging” time during the holiday season. Pick a day and decide that, for a certain number of hours, no one in the family will look at a screen. Try reading books, telling stories, going for a walk, decorating your home, or festive baking during this time instead. Being together as a family – and unplugging together – is a holiday tradition that can be great for everyone.

Go For a Walk

Look for opportunities to go for walks as a family. Consider having a pre-dinner walk before a big holiday meal, or a walk after you’ve eaten. This can be a good time to talk to one another, look at decorations in your neighbourhood, and just enjoy the season with one another. Staying active is a big part of living a healthy lifestyle.

Cook Together

There’s typically a lot of eating during the holiday season and, while overeating isn’t a good idea for your health, it’s a much better idea to make your meals and desserts at home rather than eating out or ordering them. When you cook at home, you can control what goes into your food, so you can have healthier meals and snacks.

Why not make it a family tradition to cook your big meal together? This will get everyone involved and excited, which will build anticipation for the dinner.

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