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Five Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

Five Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

Colds, flus and other illnesses are common at this time of year. So are injuries caused by slips, falls and other hazards. Here are a few tips for staying healthy and safe this winter.

Stay Active

You may just want to stay inside on your couch all winter, but hibernating for the entire season isn’t good for your health. Even if the weather outside is frightful, you can still stay active. There are a number of exercises that you can do inside, without even leaving your home. Push-ups, sit-ups, tricep dips, jumping jacks, and many similar exercises can all be done from the warmth and comfort of your home.

Come up with a routine and you’ll see how much better you feel when you’re exercising regularly.

Eat Healthy Meals

There’s a tendency to eat more “comfort food” during the cold winter months. However, it’s still important to get a balanced diet of healthy foods. If you’re spending more time indoors during the winter, why not take this opportunity to learn how to cook some healthy meals from scratch? Eating a healthy diet will help you control your weight and also reduce the “winter blahs” which can leave you feeling down.

Get Enough Sleep

Another way to regulate your mood, control your weight, and make it easier to focus and concentrate is to ensure that you get enough sleep each night. The average adult needs between seven and nine hours of sleep each night, but many of us get significantly less.

In order to get more sleep, it helps to establish a routine. Wind down and prepare yourself for bed the same way each night. Try to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time. This will help your body establish regular sleeping hours. There is also significant evidence that using electronic devices such as televisions, tablets, smartphones and laptops before bed hampers our ability to get a good night’s sleep, so avoid using these before bed and don’t keep them in your bedroom at night.

Dress Appropriately

Winter weather can be unpredictable. That’s why it’s important to dress in layers. If the weather suddenly cools down, you can add a layer, and you can always take one off if it warms up. It’s also important to wear proper footwear. Wear shoes or boots that keep your feet warm, that offer proper foot support, and that have enough grip on them so that you won’t fall on ice or snow.

Avoid Slips and Falls

Slips and falls can lead to serious injury. In addition to wearing appropriate footwear, take the time to clear ice and snow from your property and always be alert for potential hazards when walking. Take your time and walk more slowly during potentially dangerous winter weather. You might arrive at your destination a bit later, but at least you won’t hurt yourself.

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