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Easy & Delicious Ways to Add More Vegetables to your Diet

Easy & Delicious Ways to Add More Vegetables to your Diet

One of the best ways to improve your health is to eat more vegetables on a regular basis. However, a lot of people don’t do this. There are a number of reasons why. Sometimes people think it’s too difficult to prepare and cook vegetables while others may think it’s too expensive or time-consuming to do so. Finally, a lot of people just don’t believe that vegetables can taste good.

The good news is that there are solutions to all of these issues that can make it easy and delicious to eat more vegetables every day!

Prepare them in Advance

One of the biggest hurdles to eating vegetables is the time that it takes to prepare them. Most of us don’t have time every day to wash, peel, chop and prepare vegetables to eat. Therefore, a good strategy is to do the preparation in advance. For example, if you have extra time on a Sunday, chop and cut vegetables for the entire week. This will make it much more likely that you use them when preparing meals and choosing snacks.

Choose Ones that Don’t Require Preparation

Another way to save yourself time is by eating vegetables that require little or no preparation such as baby carrots and cherry tomatoes. These make great snacks and their compact, ready to eat sizes mean that they’re a perfect way to eat more vegetables on the go.

Shop in Season

Buying vegetables doesn’t have to be expensive. You’ll likely find that “in season” produce is more affordable (and likely better tasting too!)

Add them to your Favourites

You don’t have to come up with entirely new recipes in order to enjoy more vegetables in your meals. Instead, you can simply add them to existing recipes. You probably won’t even notice they’re there! For example, throw some extra vegetables on your pizza, put them in your pasta sauce, use them to top your burger, include them in your muffin recipes, add them to a fruit smoothie, throw them into your scrambled eggs, etc.

There are a lot of good ways to get more vegetables by simply including them in recipes you’re already eating. Experiment and find the options that you really enjoy.

Put Them where you’ll See Them

One of the best ways to eat more vegetables is simply to make them more accessible. Pull them out from the bottom and the back of your fridge and put them in places where you’ll see them. This alone will encourage you to eat more of them.

Go Frozen when Needed

Fresh vegetables are a great choice, but they’re not always practical. Frozen vegetables are often picked at their prime and frozen right away, ensuring that they’re fresh and great-tasting when you need them. They’re perfect to add to sauces, soups and various other cooked meals.

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