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Are You Forgetting Something?

Are You Forgetting Something?

I always laugh at myself when I walk into a gym because being a Personal Trainer means I over analyze what people are doing. I could go on forever about what I see but rather today, I would like to share something that I do not see.

If it’s getting safely in and out of the shower, a random ankle injury that calls for you using crutches, or a cold icy Canadian morning, BALANCE plays a huge part of our life and we just take it for granted! So why is it that we continually seem to forget this key characteristic of fitness? Well exactly where, when, and how to involve this aspect of training into your workout may be an obstacle you don’t know how to cross. Below are a few key points about Balance while our next blog, will give away a few great exercises to incorporate into your workout!

#1            Always remember that to practice Balance you must be out of Balance, therefor using a piece of equipment such as a Balance Board or BOSU can be beneficial

#2            Using Balance as part of your warm up allows your body to prepare itself for a safe and effective workout

#3            Static (stationary) or Dynamic (movement) Balance are both very beneficial

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