Planning a Healthy Holiday Season

Healthy Holiday Season Plan

Halloween has come and gone, and that means the holiday season is rapidly approaching. This is a fun and festive time but, for many of us, it’s also a time where it’s difficult to stay healthy. You’re busy and you’re stressed and you’re jumping from party to party and that makes it tough to focus on your health. The good news is that having a healthy holiday season is certainly possible. You just need to have a plan. Here are some ideas to help with planning a healthy holiday season.

Schedule Exercise

You might be busy this time of year, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still find time to exercise. You may not have the time to fit in the same routine that you do now, but you can still fit in smaller workouts here and there. Even if you can only find 20 minutes to do a quick workout, it certainly helps.

Concentrate on What You’re Eating

This is a time of  year where there are snacks everywhere, especially at parties. One trick is to be very aware of what you’re eating. Mindless eating often results in overeating. Instead, focus on your food. If you’re at a party, take a plate of food, walk away from the table, and take time to eat. That way, you won’t find yourself constantly snacking while you’re socializing.

Don’t Go Hungry

You might be tempted to skip some meals before you go to a party or a shopping mall. You might think that, by not eating before a party, you won’t consume any additional calories that day when you include the party food. However, if you arrive at a party hungry, you’re actually much more likely to overeat when you’re there. The same is true for going to the shopping mall hungry. If you do this, you’re a lot more likely to stop at the food court and overindulge. Instead of skipping meals, eat a healthy meal before you head out. This will reduce how much you eat later on.

Enjoy The Special Things

There are a LOT of treats around during the holiday season and no one is saying that you can’t responsibly enjoy some of them. However, because there are so many out there, it’s tempting to eat everything. However, that’s not a great idea for your health. Instead, focus on the treats that you enjoy the most or the ones that are most special to you, and leave the rest behind. You’ll still get to enjoy the holiday season, but you won’t overdo it.

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