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Weight lifting: anyone can do it!

Weight lifting: anyone can do it!

Although it is commonly believed that struggling with heavy weights is the best way to build muscle and get stronger, recent research suggests that you don’t need to lift that daunting, meant-for-Hercules barbell in order to efficiently increase muscle mass; in fact, lifting lighter weights is just as effective.

A study done at McMaster University found that, as long as the subject is working to the point of fatigue, that is, lifting until they can’t lift anymore no matter what the weight, the results were the same. So although more reps are needed with lighter weights, this is good news for preventing injury and especially good news for those with joint problems or other issues that make them simply unable to lift heavy loads.

Yet another reason why beginners need not be intimidated. Weight lifting has many benefits, including improved posture, increased metabolism and prevention of diseases such as osteoporosis – not to mention that it gives you that fabulous, firm, lean body mass and toned muscles that everybody wants. With recommendation and assistance from a professional, it can even help to improve existing injuries. So don’t wait to pick up weights and get fit today!

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