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Walking breaks result in no pain… but plenty of gain!

When you think of running, do you imagine bounding along effortlessly with the wind in your hair, muscles gleaming? In reality are you soaked in sweat and puffing for air after fifteen minutes, needing to stop and rest or give up? Many may feel intimidated by running for the reason that, well, let’s be honest, it’s tough exercise. And while running may appear to be effortless, not everyone has the stamina of a marathoner – at least not right away. Here’s the solution: take frequent walking breaks! And while your marathon running neighbour may frown upon these breaks and tell you “no pain, no gain,” don’t listen. While pushing yourself to your limit may seem like the best way to get fit fast, walking breaks are actually better for extending your running time without overexerting yourself, causing injury or ultimately turning yourself off running. They’re also a perfect time to rehydrate, recompose and let your body rest. Start by running for two minutes, walking one minute and repeating. Then gradually increase the length of your running time until you can leave that snotty marathon running neighbour in the dust.

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