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Kelowna Personal Trainer profile: Danielle Ayearst

Kelowna Personal Trainer profile: Danielle Ayearst

Exercise is the Key to a Happy Life

Danielle Ayearst knows what it’s like to set a goal and work tirelessly towards it.

The Fitness on the Go trainer spent years playing competitive hockey before ultimately training with, and trying out for, Team Canada.

Not long after, she secured a hockey scholarship at Pennsylvania’s Mercyhurst College, where she specialized in Health and Fitness promotion and graduated with a Bachelor of Science of Sports Medicine.

Daniele started hockey at ten and played with boy’s teams until grade ten, when she played for a AAA women’s team in Vancouver. Playing at that level meant a year away from her Whistler home, and a second year spent driving to and from the city for games and practices.

She went on to play in the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) and the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) before ultimately realizing hockey would never pay the bills.

“The CWHL is the women’s equivalent of the NHL but back then players weren’t paid to play,” Daniele said. “That has changed now.”

Working as a personal trainer in Kelowna is a natural fit for Daniele, who encourages clients to make a lifelong commitment to staying fit.

“I remind clients how important their health is to their longevity and always say that you can’t put a price on your health,” she says. “Exercise is not only important for weight management and strength, but also improves your psychological outlook on life.”

Daniele does her best to keep workouts fun and fresh.

“I really love being a personal trainer because every client brings a new challenge to the table,” she says. “Everyone has different personal challenges in their daily lives and exercise is the one thing that they dedicate their time to, therefore it is up to me to create a fun and challenging atmosphere where they can focus on their well being.”

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