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How tired is too tired, post-workout?

How tired is too tired, post-workout?

How much exhaustion is normal?

In this blog, I have often addressed the issues of over-exhaustion and over-exertion, warning not to overdo workouts to these points. I have also touched on staying motivated enough to push yourself to finish a workout. One thing I haven’t yet addressed is the question: how tired should one feel after a workout?

Over-exhaustion could be a sign of something more

Many may question how they feel post workout. Is it normal to feel so tired? Are those aches and pains a regular side effect? In reality, a good workout should make you feel tired but also energized, not exhausted to the point of debilitation. One common reason for feeling abnormally tired after exercise is a deficiency in vital, energizing nutrients such as zinc, iron and magnesium. Simply paying attention to how much nutrients are being consumed can result in a dramatic energy increase. Also, take a look at your fitness regime. Have you recently increased your running time? Amount of weight your lifting? Your routine could be too high-intensity.

Over-exhaustion can be prevented

Take a minute to think about how much recovery time you are taking throughout your workouts (see my last post on recovery breaks). This is an extremely important factor in preventing exhaustion and injury. Make sure you are sleeping at least seven to eight hours a night for muscle recovery. Eat a nutrient-dense diet. If you are still feeling over-exhausted after taking all these steps, the problem could be medical, and consulting with a doctor is recommended.

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