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Healthy Ways to Avoid an “Afternoon Crash”

Healthy Ways to Avoid an “Afternoon Crash”


It’s common for people to experience periods of lower energy in the mid-afternoon. These crashes can leave us running to the coffee machine or the corner store for a “pick me up” snack. However, there are healthy ways to deal with this “afternoon crash,” that are much better for your body than the less-healthy ways.

Here are some tips for healthy ways to avoid an afternoon crash.

Avoid “Empty Carbs” and Sugar

You might be tempted to down a chocolate bar or some candy to get over an afternoon crash, but this usually isn’t the best method. In fact, you could just be setting yourself up for an even bigger crash later on. Foods that are high in sugar, but low in protein, can cause blood sugar levels to spike, and then plummet later on. This can make it tough to find enough energy to get through the day.

To avoid this issue, eat a balanced lunch that contains both protein and carbohydrates. This keeps your blood sugar level consistent, leaving you with more sustained energy. Keep healthy snacks nearby so you can quickly eat something when you start to feel tired. Nuts and seeds are often good options.

Get Some Sun

Taking a walk in the afternoon can be good for your health, and that’s not just because exercise is good for your body. The natural rays from the sun can help wake you up and perform better in the afternoon and early evening.

Take a Break

Take a break in the early afternoon. This means a “real” break, not one where you check out social media at your desk for ten minutes. Instead, stand up, walk away from your work, and actually take a break. You’ll come back to work more focused and less tired. If possible, try to find a few minutes to stretch as well. Not only will this help ease your aching muscles, but it will give your mind a break too.

Be Active

Take a few minutes to exercise in the afternoon. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to hit the gym, but it’s a good idea to go for a walk, even if you just walk through the hallways or up and down the stairs at your office for a few minutes. Physical activity gives you a boost that will help you get through the day.

In fact, if you get up and take a ten minute walk outside, you’re getting sun AND exercise while also taking a break from work, so you’ll receive maximum benefits!

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