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Five Ways to Have a Healthier Halloween

Five Ways to Have a Healthier Halloween

Five Tips Healthy Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween? Here are some tips for healthier celebrating.

Offer Other Treats

Halloween is known as a time to collect and consume a bunch of candy, but that doesn’t have to be the only thing you eat on this day. If you’re having a Halloween party, be sure to have other food options beside mini-chocolate bars, lollipops, and other sweets. A fruit or vegetable plate can be a great addition. Want to make things more seasonal? Cut your fruit into bats, skulls, or ghosts! Use cookie cutters and your imagination to make your spread spooky.

Do a Variety of Activities

Halloween isn’t just about collecting candy. In the lead up to the big day, try to do some activities as family that don’t involve consuming large amounts of sugar. Take a trip to a pumpkin patch, go apple picking, build a scarecrow, make creepy costumes, have a Halloween dance party, or do anything else you can think of. The more you can do around Halloween that doesn’t involve eating candy, the better.

Keep your Favourites

Everyone has their favourite Halloween treats. When your kids come back through the door carrying mountains of candy, have them select their favourites. Then consider donating the rest. Various charities (and even some dentist offices) will accept Halloween candy, sometimes in exchange for a small gift or non-candy treat.

Eat Healthy Foods First

Before your children head out to trick-or-treat, make sure they eat a healthy meal. Not only will this give them the energy they need to run around the neighbourhood, but it will also keep them feeling full. This means they won’t be as tempted to stuff themselves full of sugar the first chance they get.

The same is true for Halloween parties. Before you attend, make sure you fill up on healthy food at home. You’ll make better choices at the party when you’re full, and you’ll be more likely to resist the temptation of an entire table filled with treats.

Stay Active

Instead of driving your kids on Halloween night, have them walk from house to house instead. Make sure they’re wearing comfortable shoes and that they can be seen by passing motorists, and then get out and get active. Walking around is obviously much healthier than sitting in a car.

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