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Finding Time to Exercise During the Busy Holiday Season


Finding Time to Exercise During the Busy Holiday Season

How You Can Stay Active and Exercise During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a busy time. It’s also one that’s filled with treats, drinks, treats, parties, treats, and more treats. That means staying active is especially important during this time of year. However, the social commitments and general busy atmosphere during the holidays can leave you feeling like you don’t have time to exercise. This is a big reason why many people forget about staying active until the new year.

However, there are ways to exercise during the holiday season while still leaving time for all your errands, social commitments, and fun. Here are a few tips.

Schedule It

This is clearly a busy time of year, so it’s a good idea to include time to exercise in your daily schedule even if this isn’t something you usually do. Treat it like an appointment that you cannot miss and you’ll be much more likely to do it.

Break It Up

If you usually exercise for 45 minutes a day, for example, you might find that it’s not possible to find a chunk of time like this during the holiday season. That’s fine! Break up your exercise into smaller segments. Even if you only have five or ten minutes to do a few quick exercises, this is better than nothing and it all adds up.

Find Creative Options

Even if you can’t find dedicated time to do a workout each day, you can still find ways to be active. Go for a walk while you’re having a phone meeting, for example, of take the stairs instead of using the elevator. Even parking at the far end of the parking lot and walking briskly to the mall on the way to a shopping trip can be a good idea.

Mix Socializing with Exercise

Rather than meeting up with your friends for drinks, for example, bring a warm beverage with you and socialize on a hike instead. Even family activities can be active ones. After dinner, go for a walk and look at the lights and decorations in your neighbourhood or head to a park a play an active sport or game.

Enjoy Yourself

This is a time to have fun and spread cheer. Think of activities you can do that are enjoyable, festive, and active. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore. If you can find something you like, you’ll be much more likely to find time for it.