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Fall Fitness Tips from a Winnipeg Personal Trainer

Fall Fitness Tips from a Winnipeg Personal Trainer


The fall season is now officially here. However, that doesn’t mean it’s time to huddle under a blanket on the couch and hibernate until spring, Fall can be a great time to get in shape. Whether you work out with a Winnipeg personal trainer or not, you can take advantage of the season to do some great exercises and have a lot of fun.

One of the best parts of fall is that it’s not too cold yet, but it’s also no longer as hot. This makes it the perfect time to exercise outside. Get out there and enjoy yourself! There are a lot of great exercises and activities that you can take part in.

Another aspect of fall that makes it amazing to exercise outside is the changing colours. Find a path or a trail where the leaves are changing and use that path for a jog, a walk, a run, a bicycle ride or a hike. You’ll enjoy your exercise more if the scenery around you is pretty. Plus, it will make it more likely for you to exercise when you’re having a good time.

If you’re exercising outside, dress in layers. Fall weather can be unpredictable. It could be warm one minute and cold the next. For this reason, layers are important. If it gets warm, drop a layer. If it cools down, put one back on. Staying comfortable during your workout is important. The better you feel, the more likely you’ll be to exercise.

You also need to remember to stay hydrated. Just because the hot summer is over, it doesn’t mean you can forget about drinking water. Staying hydrated is always important, especially when you’re exercising. Take water with you when you go outside to exercise.

Fall Exercises With or Without a Winnipeg Personal Trainer

Whether you’re working with a Winnipeg personal trainer or not, you don’t need a fancy gym and expensive equipment in order to get a good workout. In fact, you can even turn your fall chores into a workout routine!

For example, raking leaves can be good exercise. It helps build upper body strength as well as core strength if done correctly. Be careful not to twist your spine while raking . Instead, turn your entire body as needed. This can prevent back pain and reduce the likelihood of an injury.

Remember, before you do any exercise or physical activity, be sure to stretch first in order to warm up your muscles.

Have a great fall and enjoy yourself!

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