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Exercise of the week: Dynamic Flexibility

Exercise of the week: Dynamic Flexibility

Recently we talked about the importance of a warm-up in you fitness routine. When doing so we used the term “Dynamic Flexibility“. Now the term Flexibility you may know but adding the word Dynamic before it may be something new.  This is a form of movement stretch that allows you to warm-up specific muscles and or joints to prepare your body for training. Today we are going to share a couple of basic but important exercises you may want to throw into your warm up routine. Before attempting, always remember that your trainer can not only make sure you are doing the proper exercise but performing it correctly as well.  These are movements that should feel natural and not be forced.

For both exercises below always apply proper posture:  Shoulders down and back, chest out, and core locked

Butt Kicks- Quads

-Standing nice and tall let your arms move freely and keep your hips forward, stationary or in a line bring your heels to your glutes (butt) in a constant rhythm.   This like jogging on the spot trying to kick your own butt!

Arm Circles- Shoulders

-With the exercise it is very important to keep your shoulders in their “pockets”. This means lift your shoulders up, back, and down locking them into place where they are meant to be.

Standing tall, hold your arms straight out to the side (at shoulder level).  Now while keeping your shoulders down you may straighten your arms and slowly move them in a circular motion forwards or backwards, from small to big and big to small. There is no right or wrong but the goal is to lubricate your shoulder with synovial fluid which your body naturally produces. Long story short you are preparing your shoulders to ensure safer movements.

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