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Couple’s fitness makes exercise fun

Couple’s fitness makes exercise fun

While the idea of couple’s fitness may conjure images of a cheesy montage straight from a romantic movie, it is actually a great way to spend time together and increase a couple’s bond. Not to mention it can make an otherwise bland workout fun. A few other benefits of couple’s fitness include (but are not limited to): quality time together, motivation, support, bonding, and having someone else there to spot you.

One way to get fit with your partner is to take an exercise class together. If you want to take it a step further, join a dance class or go dancing together. Go swimming or on a long walk. Find something that interests both of you and make it a date. Being fit doesn’t have to be bland. Finding a fitness-based hobby together like kayaking, martial arts, climbing, yoga, biking or training for a marathon can help increase your bond and make fitness fun.

If both of you are busy, motivate each other to do workouts at home. Stretch before bed, or do reps of squats, lunges and other floor exercises in the living room in front of the TV.

Some have a hard time working out with a partner, due to the fact that doing activities such as running with a partner may seem like a great idea until your pace isn’t the same. Doing intervals can save the day in this case, giving the other person a chance to catch up.

Be creative with your couple’s workouts and strengthen your muscles and your heart.

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