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As stated last time, we let you know how important it was to incorporate balance into your workout. As promised, here are some ideas using balance as a part of your warm up and how to apply it to an exercise you are currently doing.

BOSU’s are a great tool that can be used in many different ways. For those who are not familiar with it, a BOSU is more or less a half ball with the flat side being a solid platform. It can be used on either side there for adding more options for you in your workout.

Warm Up–  With the flat side of the BOSU on the ground and the dome side facing up, continue to step onto the BOSU while centering you feet equally on top. The objective is to do a controlled squat with correct form without falling off, seem easy? Well here are a couple more options you could add that will increase the difficulty:

#1- Move Propecia buy cheap slower

#2- Close your eyes

Adding to an Exercise–        Let’s take a simple exercise like a Bicep Curl, easy right? All you body is doing is working ONE small muscle, not very effective. Here are a few more options to increase the difficulty.

#1- Stand on 1 leg while still keeping form.  Make sure you stand with equal weight on both feet.

#2- Stand on either side of a BOSU

#3- Stand on 1 leg while on a BOSU

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