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Afternoon may be the best time to exercise

Afternoon may be the best time to exercise

Exercise in the afternoon may be better than any other time, according to a new study reported by the New York Times.

The study says that exercise may be most effective if it’s done midday, based on the fact that our bodies’ internal clocks, or circadian rhythms, affect everything we do.

The Times cites research that shows out-of-sync circadian rhythms being linked to disease, obesity and mood disorders.

But regular exercise proved to reset these rhythms in mice, and was especially noticeable in mice that were exercised in the afternoon.

Beneficial effects included protein being pumped more efficiently to the rest of the body.

Doctors still aren’t 100 percent sure if afternoon exercise is better than morning exercise, but it’s generally agreed that late night exercise is inadvisable due to its negative affect on circadian rhythms.

Still, it is generally agreed that any exercise is better than none.

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