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A Healthy Fall Diet

A Healthy Fall Diet


The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler. However, all is not lost. With fall comes falls foods! After a summer filled with relaxing, barbecue and ice cream, a healthy fall diet is exactly what you need. Now that fall is almost here, it’s time to think about what a healthy fall diet is and take steps to improve your health this season.

A healthy fall lifestyle starts with healthy fall foods.

Healthy Fall Eating

Root vegetables are some of the best fall foods. Try adding some sweet potato to your diet. Not only does it taste great, but sweet potatoes are also loaded with nutrients such as vitamin A. This vitamin is important for healthy skin, good vision and it can help boost your immune system. Sweet potatoes also a good source of iron.

When it comes to fruits, good fall options include pears and apples. Pears are high in fibre, vitamin C and potassium. Apples are also high in fibre and they contain antioxidants that are great for your skin and your entire body.

Pumpkin is another excellent fall food and probably the first food you think about when the season comes to mind. Pumpkin is high in fibre and vitamin A, but also contains various B vitamins such as folate, niacin and thiamin. It’s also a good source of copper, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

However, just because something has “pumpkin” in the name, it doesn’t mean that it’s good for your health. In recent years, we’ve seen foods and drinks of all types appear with pumpkin flavouring. It’s important to remember that most of these foods don’t contain very much pumpkin, if they have any at all. However, even if they do contain pumpkin, you’ll also want to watch out for everything else in the food.

Many “fall themed” foods are also high in salt, sugar and various artificial ingredients. They’re also often very high in calories and fat. For example, depending on where you get it from, the size of the drink and how you drink it, a typical pumpkin spice latte can contain anywhere from 200 to 450 calories plus a lot of sugar. Be sure to read nutritional information and ingredients lists before choosing any of these drinks and stick to having them as occasional indulgences, not in place of your daily coffee.

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