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10 weight loss tips that may shock you

While it has been reinstated over and over that diets don’t work, lifestyle changes definitely do! Health Magazine recently created a list of 25 surprising ways to lose weight, consulting industry experts on their tips.

We picked out ten expert tips from their article that are especially useful, but direct yourself over here for the full 25.

  1. Buy junk food you hate – if you’re buying something full of fat and sugar for family members who don’t share the same goals you do, buy something you dislike to avoid temptation, says Jamie Goldberg, who lost 97 lbs.
  2. Eat healthy foods… but not too much – if you overeat healthy foods such as coconut oil, nut butters, etc. they stop being healthy. According to JJ Virgin, author of the Virgin Diet, everyone has one, so you should keep it out of the house.
  3. Don’t eat so much meat – a former Good Morning America co-host says she lost 30 lbs by eating “80 per cent things that grow and no more than 20 per cent things that walk.”
  4. Keep yourself distracted – Coral Arvon, PhD, suggests food cravings pass in 10 minutes. Keep yourself occupied with something else for 10 minutes before reaching for a snack.
  5. Eat your soup – You’ll eat 20 per cent fewer calories by eating a bowl of vegetable soup before a meal, according to Barbara Rolls, PhD.
  6. Blog about it – the author of Think and Grow Thin suggests blogging about your goals makes it tougher to quit at them. You have an audience.
  7. Apples just got more a-peel-ing — A substance in apple peels increases muscle and burns calories, says a study from the University of Iowa.
  8. Stress eater? Breathe – MD Jim Nicolai says to counter stress-eating with a “4-7-8 breath.” Inhale through your nose for a count of four, hold for a count of seven, then exhale through your mouth for a count of eight. Repeat this four times.
  9. Add oil to bread – fat and carbs may not seem like the best weight loss solution, but a 2003 study in the International Journal of Obesity says using olive oil instead of butter is best. You’ll eat less bread and less calories.
  10. See your goals in a different light – Anne Parker, resort and spa owner, suggests changing your goals from things like “lose 20 lbs” to “lose 1 lb 20 times.”
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