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I Love My Online Personal Training Sessions

I Love My Online Personal Training Sessions

This post is written by a Fitness on the Go client.

How could someone actually motivate me through a computer? How will they be able to instruct me through a proper workout? Won’t I feel silly talking to my laptop or iphone?

These were the questions I had when I thought about trying an online personal training session. I’m a 45 year old wife, mother of 2, and sales manager who has struggled with fitness my entire adult life. It seems that everyone is currently taking their extra time to better themselves, either by learning new skills, or getting extremely fit and healthy. I started to explore my options to get in better shape. I was introduced to the idea of an online personal trainer from a friend of mine, so besides the initial questions I listed at the beginning of this post, I was still open to trying it.

I would compare the experience to the same as my e-wine I have with my friends every Friday afternoon now. At first it seems like a distant universe, but then as you interact with your friends and get lost in the moment, it actually isn’t that different than being right there with them.

My interaction with my trainer has been awesome – awesome enough that I’m even writing about it! I was paired up with Kelly; she is a sweetheart and is so knowledgable. She listened to my goals, understood my health concerns and created a plan that was simple and not overwhelming for me to start. She is able to correct my form, keep me motivated, and crack a joke, and even though it’s through our phones or laptops I really see no difference than if she was right there beside me. Thank you Fitness on the Go for helping me find the right solution to keep fit and healthy from the comfort of my own home during this new time.

Suzanne W.

Fitness on the Go has been Canada’s in-home personal training leader since 2005 and has helped over 10,000 clients to date. Specializing in home workouts, our trainers are well versed to train clients without any equipment from the privacy of their own home or wherever they choose to have their workout. With over 150 personal trainers from across the country we always pair our clients with a trainer that is a good match for their needs.

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