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How Exercise Improves Your Mood

Exercise Improves Mood

How Exercise Improves Your Mood

The Mental Benefits of Exercise

There are a lot of great reasons to exercise. It helps you stay physically strong, improves cardiovascular health, makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight, and much more. However, one benefit of exercise that is sometimes overlooked is how exercise improves your mood.

That’s right, exercising can help you feel better, balance your emotions, and keep the blues at bay.

Exercise Helps Deal with Stress

One of the ways that exercise improves your mood is that it helps you handle stress. High-stress lifestyles can be a major source of depression. Exercising regularly can help your body better deal with stress and anxiety, and this can improve your mental health.

Just five 30-minute sessions in a week can have significant benefits. If you don’t have time for 30-minute sessions, try 15-minute exercise sessions at first. Any combination of exercise that leads to a total of 150 minutes per week can be very beneficial!

Exercising Boosts Endorphins

When you are physically active, your body produces more endorphins. This brain chemical increases feelings of happiness. Nearly any aerobic activity can cause this boost. Running, hiking, or playing sports are good ways to get your heart pumping and boost your endorphin levels. Find something you enjoy and get moving!

Group Exercise Helps you Bond

While exercise improves your mood even if you’re doing it alone, there are several benefits to sharing your workout with others. Not only is this a good way to stay social while being active, but exercising with others helps you form a bond with them. This connection is good for your mental health.

Plus, exercising with other people helps you stay motivated. Having someone to encourage you to keep going when things get tough can be very valuable. It not only helps you reach new workout milestones, but it also improves your mood.

Exercise Helps Boost Confidence

Another way that exercise improves your mood is that it helps you feel good about yourself. As you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals, you’ll feel proud of what you accomplished. This will help you feel stronger, more confident, and more capable.Those feelings are great for your mental health!