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Five Unexpected Exercise Benefits that May Surprise You

Socializing opportunities and other unexpected exercise benefits

Five Unexpected Exercise Benefits that May Surprise You

Exercise Benefits You May Not Have Thought Of

When it comes to exercise benefits, there are likely a few that come to mind immediately. Exercising regularly can help control your weight, improve your cardiovascular health, and help boost your strength and stamina. Those are some of the most obvious benefits.

However, there are loads of other reasons to exercise. Here are a few exercise benefits you may not have thought of.

Better Sleep

A lot of people have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Exercise can help. If you exercise regularly, not only will you have an easier time falling asleep, but aerobic exercise has been shown to help people get more “deep sleep”, which is vital for cell rejuvenation. That’s great for your body and your brain!

Lower Stress and Anxiety

Exercising regularly lifts your spirits, improves your mood, and lowers your stress and anxiety levels. It has even been shown to help with some symptoms of depression. That’s because exercise boosts the production and release of certain brain chemicals (serotonin, norepinephrine, endorphins, dopamine) which are responsible for improving your mood and dulling pain.

A Clear Mind

In addition to improving your mood, exercise can also help clear your mind. Not only does it reduce cortisol levels so you can think more clearly, but exercising also gives you time to focus and live more in the moment, which is great for thinking.

Greater Productivity

A lot of people feel like they don’t have time to exercise because there are so many other things that need to get done. And while it’s true that life is busy these days, exercising can actually help you be more productive.

Exercise can help you focus better, sharpen your memory, make better decisions, and more!

More Social Opportunities

Exercise doesn’t have to mean sweating away in a gym by yourself. One of the best exercise benefits is that it can help open up more social opportunities.

For instance, working out with a friend or a group can help motivate you and also give you some good bonding time. The same is true for playing a sport.

If you’re looking to get started, we can help. Contact us today to arrange for a free consultation and experience all the exercise benefits you’re missing out on.