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The Ways That Exercise Makes You Happier

How exercise makes you happier

The Ways That Exercise Makes You Happier

How Exercise Makes You Happier

There are so many benefits to exercise. Not only does it help improve your overall health, maintain a healthy body weight, and feel good about yourself, but exercise also makes you feel happier.

When you exercise, your mood improves. This helps in so many aspects of your life. When you’re happier, you’ll have more positive interactions with people, an improved outlook on life, and be able to handle challenges easier.

Here are some ways that exercise makes you happier.

Exercise Pumps More Oxygen to the Brain

Exercising causes your heart rate to increase, and this means more blood – and more oxygen – will be pumped throughout your body. That includes your brain. When your brain is well-oxygenated, it’s able to operate more clearly. There have been several studies that show a relationship between more oxygen reaching the brain and lower levels of anxiety and depression. It also helps you think more clearly, meaning you’ll be less likely to get frustrated or overwhelmed and you’ll have an easier time navigating life, which will improve your mood.

Exercise Produces Feel-Good Chemicals

In addition to helping your brain receive more oxygen, exercise also causes your body to release more endorphins. These are often called “feel-good hormones” since they increase feelings of pleasure. When you exercise, your body also releases other neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and endocannabinoids, which give you feelings of pleasure and euphoria.

Exercise Helps You Sleep

Many studies have shown that aerobic exercise not only helps you fall asleep, but it also helps you stay asleep while also improving the quality of your sleep. If you’re well-rested and getting good sleeps every night, that will improve your mood and your overall outlook on life.

Exercise Gives You More Energy

You might think that exercising will make you feel tired, but the reality is that the opposite is actually true. That’s because exercising helps improve the efficiency of your cardiovascular system and the health of your heart and lungs. This means you’ll have more energy. It’s always easier to be in a positive mood when you feel more energetic.

If you’re feeling down, sluggish, tired, or upset, exercise could be the solution! At Fitness on the Go, we want to help you get active and feel great. To find out more, book a free consultation today!