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The Incredible Importance of Sleep


The Incredible Importance of Sleep

Understanding the Importance of Sleep

You know that you need to sleep. But did you know how absolutely vital it is? The importance of sleep cannot be understated. However, so many people are sleep deprived. Are you?

There’s a good chance you are. Many adults don’t get enough sleep. This causes a lot of different problems, from physical pain to trouble concentrating to several medical issues.

Here’s why sleep matters so much.

Sleep is Important for your Heart and Circulatory System

When you’re sleeping, your heart rate slows down and your blood pressure falls. This means your heart isn’t working as hard. If you’re not getting enough quality sleep, this could contribute to heart problems. People who don’t sleep enough have an increased risk of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and stroke.

Sleep is When your Brain Rests

When you’re asleep, your brain keeps working, but it works differently. Rather than having to focus on performing specific tasks, your brain uses this time to prepare itself to learn and remember. It also takes the opportunity to remove toxins.

This means that people who aren’t sleeping enough may have problems with thinking or memory and might have trouble performing daily activities.

Sleep Helps Your Body Recover

Just like your brain uses the time to recover and refocus, the rest of your body does the same. For instance, your muscles rest and recover while sleeping. Studies show that those who get more sleep have better fine motor skills. They also have increased reaction times and greater endurance.

If you want to perform well during workouts, you need to get enough sleep. Want help staying active, feeling better, and performing at your best? Schedule a free consultation with us today.

How to Improve Sleep

The importance of sleep is clear, but how do you ensure you get enough? One of the best things you can do is be consistent. Keep the same bedtime every night and wake up at the same time each day. This is even true for weekends. Keeping a consistent schedule will help your body know when to sleep.

It’s also a good idea to avoid stimulation right before sleep. That includes watching TV or using your phone or tablet. It’s a good idea to keep these devices out of your bedroom so they don’t distract you.

You’ll also want to keep your room dark. This is how your body knows it’s time to sleep. The less light the better.