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Healthy Ways to Get an Energy Boost During a Busy Day


Healthy Ways to Get an Energy Boost During a Busy Day

Giving Yourself an Energy Boost to Get Through a Busy Day

It happens to all of us. When life gets busy, it’s easy to feel rundown and tired. When you have a busy day and you’re “go go go” for hours, you might start feeling sluggish, but you may also think you don’t have time to rest or do anything else to get a boost of energy.

In these situations, many people turn to coffee, sugar, energy drinks, or other quick “pick me ups.” Unfortunately, these tactics don’t often result in a long-term boost, and sometimes they even lead to a quick crash.

Here are a few positive ways to give yourself an energy boost during a busy day.

Drink Water

You’ll feel better and have more energy if you’re hydrated. When you’re having a busy day, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. However, drinking water is important. It can help to have a glass of water on your desk or a bottle with you as you run around town. That can help you remember to drink.

Have a Healthy Snack

A lot of us feel a crash in the afternoon. Instead of reaching for an energy drink or candy, go for a healthy snack that is low in added sugar and high in protein. Examples include yogurt, fruit, nuts, trail mix, or other similar snacks. These will give you a more sustained energy boost.

Get Up

If you can, take ten minutes to get up and go for a walk during a busy work day. This can give you an energy boost and help improve your mood as well.

If you don’t have ten minutes to go for a walk, at least make a point to stand up regularly. Get out of your chair, stretch, or just walk around your desk for a couple of minutes. This can really help you stay energized.

Listen to Music

A great way to get a quick energy boost is to listen to a song that pumps you up. Put on some headphones or turn on some music in your car and get lost in the sound. You’ll feel a lot better afterwards.


Sometimes we’re so busy that we forget to breathe. It sounds odd, but it’s true. If you’re rushing around, you’re probably breathing in short, shallow breaths. Take some time to breath deeply. This will give you an energy boost and also help you stay calm.