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A Letter from the CEO to all Personal Trainers

As the CEO of Fitness on the Go since 2005, and being in the fitness industry for 17 years, I have seen ups and downs, but what we are about to see is going to be a complete shift. The personal training industry will change forever.  COVID19 is not going to be a quick fix, to understand the impact to our industry we must first understand the changes to come within our society. 

Currently we are all under quarantine and will be for a while.  Face to face interactions are going to be limited with strangers not only during our quarantine but for many months, if not years to follow.  The fear created by this virus will run deeply in us and will not be easily overcome or forgotten.  Even though we may receive word that it’s back to business as usual, personal interactions will change for a long time.  Being 35 and healthy, I don’t have as much of a fear of the virus as my parents do, or friends with compromised immune systems, so if you are in the same healthy group of citizens as I am, we must acknowledge that other demographics have a different experience and perspective and that this type of fear is certainly a traumatic event to live through which can change someone’s mentality and actions for years to come. 

The economic crisis at hand is going to be monumental.  I am not an economist but having many friends with small businesses, I can tell the effects that will soon unfold will be devastating for many, far more than the industries that have already been affected.  Unemployment will be at record highs and money will be held closer to people’s chests more than we have ever seen in our lifetime.  People are going to lose wealth, people are going to spend less. 

What this means for the personal training industry 

Gyms are closed and no one is hiring a personal trainer for face to face interactions.  Fitness currently is only online.  Once we are out of quarantine as mentioned above, the fear of interactions will continue, maybe not in all, but for a significant portion of the population.  The majority of personal training clients fit within this demographic.  This will greatly decrease the number of face to face personal training sessions.  This will increase the number of online fitness sessions.  Although fitness is very important in many people’s lives, money flowing into the personal training industry will decrease.  Many would think that people will choose cheaper options for fitness but what I have found is that with clients who want personal training, it’s either training, or nothing at all.  Group classes do not get impacted nearly as much as they are a more affordable option.  Fitness classes and group training have existed in conjunction to personal training during bad economic times and strong economic times.  Personal training provides one on one attention, customization, and stronger motivation, these cannot be attained from a trainer when coaching 20 people at the same time, which clients are well aware of.  I do not think the personal training industry will collapse, but I do believe the majority of sessions will be provided online.  Once clients try online training or classes they will realize that the difference from in person training is insignificant.  Trainers will save their travel time making their business far more efficient, which will lead them to favouring the sale of online packages over in-person sessions.  Fitness on the Go survived the 2008 financial crisis: our personal training business fell by 40% for 3 years.  We had our strategies with other revenue streams to battle the storm.   I foresee that this economic crisis will take more than 3 years to turn around.  Online personal training sessions will be a new market place that will grow rapidly.  If you are a personal trainer who wants to continue earning an income from the profession you love, I urge you to switch your business to online now.   Provide a combination of one on one and group sessions.  Waiting this out will only result in getting back into a depressed industry.  

My dedication in the fitness industry has always been to assist personal trainers in earning a better income than any other employment options in the field.  I am happy to announce that our online personal training platform is a simple transition and our trainers are already rapidly acquiring personal training clients and filling up online classes. 

Find out if you are a good fit to become an online personal trainer with Fitness on the Go.  No online training experience is needed, as Fitness on the Go provides this training.  You must be a certified personal trainer with current CPR and first aid. 

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Stay safe,

Dan Mezheritsky

CEO of Fitness on the Go